Friday, December 19, 2014

All I want for Christmas...

Gorgeous centerpiece from the Meadow
This is the time of year when I gush about all the great gift ideas this area has to offer.

A disclaimer--I give very few "Christmas" presents.  I freeze in the face of holiday expectations.  I love to give presents, though, so I usually end up buying things whenever I come across something perfect for someone, and then I don't wait to hand it over!

On that note, I thought I'd let you know what I've come across lately.

Susan Shetterly and Rebekah Raye's latest great read

Here in Blue Hill, you can find treasures for anyone on your list--the wine shop for the obvious, the Barnacle for, in particular, the traveler or well-dressed man, Three Wishes for the cook and house-proud, the Meadow for holiday goodies and amazingly gorgeous jewels and scarves, Mainescape for the gardener and also for local food items, and Fairwinds Florist for the table centerpiece but also, who knew?!, for locally made jewelry, artwork, cards, and Black Dinah chocolates!

You know I love Blue Hill Books for all things literary but the Blue Hill Public Library's Saturday book sales are another place to shop for the readers on your list.  And any book by Carl Little would be a hit.  For the art lover on your list, consider Handworks Gallery, but the jewelry and crafts there are equally dangerous.  Local potters, including Rackiffe Pottery, run the gamut from functional to museum quality... If you like to make food for people, you could deliver it in a canister, bowl, or tray from Rackliffe's! SaraSara's Shop will have the perfect item for the well dressed women on your list.  Kids?  Handworks Gallery, Blue Hill Books, or perhaps the Ark for great second hand options.  I purchased a new book by Susan Shetterly and Rebekah Raye for some kids in my life.

 And MAE, downtown Blue Hill, certainly has your hostess gift!
Need to send a gift?   Lucy's Granola offers o so decadent toffee crumbles and toffee bars in additional to a variety of granolas.  Chocolates of all sorts come from Black Dinah Chocolatiers (though Tree to Sea Caramel with BDC's Maine maple caramel, bittersweet chocolate, apple wood-smoked Maine sea salt is my absolute favorite).

I've been recommending gift certificates to places and things to do because I love having a meal out or an adventure far more than a more tangible gift.  A date to Greenspeed, the juice bar, or to Harbor House for breakfast or lunch would fit anyone.  And tickets to Blue Hill Bach, which is tomorrow night, or to the season of the Blue Hill Concert Association, perhaps paired with dinner at Arborvine? Sublime!