Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall and the farmer's market in Blue Hill

One of the great things about Blue Hill from May to October is our farmer's market. I went two weeks ago to pick up our bacon order from Libby of Smith's Smokehouse. All business, right? It was the samples of the pecan sticky bun that got to me. I decided I could have a second cup of coffee so stopped to get one and got waylaid by the toothpicked samples of the sticky buns. And such a waylaying... I had to get a whole one--so big and sticky they serve them with a fork.

In addition to yummy things to sample, the market includes artists displaying their work. I met Katy Allgeyer, who has a wonderfully eclectic pile of talents--fashion designer, feng shui expert, fine artist. She's been traveling, though she has a studio in Stonington part of the year now, and has incorporated themes about location into her most recent work.
And the jewelry I am so often wearing? The gorgeous sea glass pieces? Made by Tammy who has a booth at the market. She'll even do special orders.

Today I went and got fabulous Indian food for lunch--and they'll be at the Foliage Food and Wine Festival! On Saturday of the festival weekend, the farmer's market will be held at the Blue Hill Congregational Church's parking lot, walking distance from the inn.

If you know Maine at all, you know there isn't a month that isn't fabulous. Soon Jean the amazing handywoman and gardener will be putting in mums and I'll look for the perfect pumpkins for the front stoop. We haven't had a frost yet so our herb garden is still incredible. The sage is so plentiful I could serve my baked brie with blueberries and sage--with a blueberry vinaigrette, of course--every night. We had our first fire in the parlor with hors d'oeuvres last night--fabulous!

Our smallest waterfront park is a mere two blocks from the inn. At high tide, a few lobster boats come in and unload. At low tide, all the water is gone! We warn kayakers to watch the tide carefully. It's no fun at all to pull a boat through the mud.

We are so excited about the fall. Between the fall harvesting, our festival, oatmeal and mulled cider on the menu, sweater season, the smell of woodsmoke, what's not to love?

I hope your September is fabulous, too, wherever you are.

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