Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Early Spring in Blue Hill

I still have to pinch myself--I get to live here! "Were you born in Maine?" "No, but I got here just as quick as I could."

We had sunshine and temps in the low 40s the other day--a great excuse to head to Brooklin. I hadn't been to the Morning Moon Cafe in ages and I took a friend who hadn't yet been to the Cave.

The Moon is for sale--and if it doesn't sell by May, they say it will close. Here is your chance to own a cafe! It comes with a four-bedroom house--all for $485,000. Brooklin is such a dear town--EB White used to call it home and now his grandson runs one of the local boatyards. The Cave is a new business, filled with decadence. I'm addicted to their caper butter. Laura, the proprietor, puts out too many samples. I could resist the smoked cheddar but did try the chocolate drizzled popcorn--too delicious! Her shop has wine, cheese, sweets, gifts, beautiful cutting boards, artwork, and Caroline Mayher's pottery (the joke is that she and her husband are the "mayors" of Brooklin).

I met another friend at Jonathon Chase's Buck's Harbor Market in Brooksville. The chowder was yummy and the market has all sorts of treats to take home with you. And it's almost kid time--Sunset Acres Farms has an "open farm" during the spring, with three bottle feeding times a day!

Have you become a fan of the Blue Hill Inn on Facebook?! Now you can post a picture or a comment and I can give you more casual notes on the happenings at the inn. A dear guest sent me a photo essay about making our sticky buns--check it out. You can also befriend the Blue Hill Wine Shop, Black Dinah Chocolatiers, El El Frijoles, The Cave, and Table!

Guests have been happily coming in and out and making lots of calls about the summer. If you have been planning on coming but haven't got around to calling--call now! Brides and birthdays and photo shoots--we have many many weekends all booked up.

You know how I love my winter reading. I visited the Maine authors section at the Blue Hill Library (have I mentioned they now sell coffee?! I love our library) and brought home an arm full. I just finished The Dead Cat Bounce by Sarah Graves, which I thoroughly enjoyed. She wrote a series of books: "A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery". As I do a fair amount of Inn repair, I can relate! With all the great weather we've been having, I'll hardly have enough winter to get far into her books. I'm not complaining; no one is. At the post office, at the town hall, at the library, at the cafes, we're all smiles. I hope your spring is wondrous as well!

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