Monday, January 28, 2008

The Cure for Whatever Ails You

I was T-shirt shopping at Merrill and Hinckley's, the little grocery store so convenient to the inn, with my friend Tracy, who is good natured and easy going about everything but, as it turns out, is very particular about which T-shirt she likes. I pulled out about every T-shirt they had hoping to find one she would wear. This one was not quite her but I loved it--maybe for my brother?--and had to get it. They also have a kid's shirt that says, "I'm a keepah" and has a lobster on it. I had to explain to Tracy that's what a fisherman would say about a lobster that was just the right size, not too large or too small.

The cure for the cold weather? Long underwear! I just got myself some black silk ones and I love them. You know it's Maine when "black silk" is not followed by "lingerie" but "long underwear"!

Last week I went to Castine to hear Bill Haviland speak about the Native American populations in this area. I picked up a map of a canoe route through the center of Deer Isle that was used between 2000 and 3000 years ago. How cool is that?! Bill has a book, Safe Passage to the Sea: An Ancient Canoe Route at Deer Isle, Maine, if you want to know more. I believe it's available through the Island Heritage Trust. And check out the other great things they have at their store--T-shirts with a Jill Hoy painting on them, books with gorgeous covers, a handsome cap.

I saw in the Ellsworth American that "locavore" was declared Word of the Year for 2007 by the New Oxford American Dictionary. The Blue Hill Inn is proud of its locavorism and 2008 will bring an expanded "foodscape" in the back yard and side garden.

Today was a whistling wind day at the inn, with the sign flapping. You hear more people talking about Jamaica. Not me, though. I got my long underwear.


Martin said...

Very interesting blog, Ms. Pebworth.

I encourage any readers to take advantage of the "only-in-Maine" experiences available at the Inn. During my last stay, we watched the lobster races on Union Street (they're surprisingly nimble on dry land!). Then we took part in the Inn's weekly "apostrophe hunt" through the brochure copy. I asked Sarah what the prize was, and she said only "It's its own reward." And we wrapped up the evening with a traditional round of Bobbing for Cheese Curds. Great fun!

Sarah said...

Ah, Dr. Martin, if only all the guests shared your sense of humor. Sadly, we can't always offer such a range of activities--luckily, there's always fun to be had at the inn!