Friday, July 17, 2009

And, happy anniversary to the inn and me, again! Today, July 17, it is two years that I've been writing "innkeeper" for my occupation. I still say, just about every day and sometimes many, many times during the day, "This is the best job ever" or "I love my job." People often ask how I came to be an innkeeper. The truth? What Color is Your Parachute, by Richard Nelson Bolles. I highly recommend both the book and questioning what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what makes a good fit for you.

Be happy in your work. If you aren't, I'm sure Nick at Blue Hill Books can have a copy of "Parachute" waiting for you when you arrive in town and I'll chat with you over breakfast (this morning, Jeff made scrambled eggs with sage from our garden and a lovely baby Swiss--guests went wild, and was there even one strawberry turnover left for me to try? No. Not even a crumb.),
or I'll talk with you over a glass of wine and some hors d'oeuvres (tonight I did a similar selection to my very first night--I was so nervous then!--I knew I could handle something with a Mexican flair--everyone likes my guacamole and, Sister Salsa, right here in town, makes a great salsa, and quesadillas are always yummy and have endless varieties. We have a white on the wine list from Willamette Valley, Orgeon, called Borealis--delicious and a nice pairing with the spicy food.)

Two years! I really appreciate all the support from friends, family, and staff, without whom I couldn't do this at all, and from guests, who are the real reason this is the best job ever. Two years of so much laughing and learning. Here's to many more.

See you at breakfast...

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hglayne said...

Congrats on your 2 year anniversary with The Inn! We loved being your guests in October of 2007. As you know, we've done some soul-searching about inn ownership. Although we'll be staying with friends in Surry this time, we look forward to "spiriting you away for spirits" while we're up there in late July and early August.

Best wishes,
Howard & Amanda Layne